Back in the middle of November, before the beginning of the holiday shopping season, Google unveiled a slew of new features that was designed to assist advertisers in maximizing their AdWords budgets.  While promotion extensions and ad variations are nice, one of the cool things is the new custom intent audiences feature on Google Display Network (GDN).

Here’s the general idea: Custom intent audiences offer advertisers have the opportunity to use the GDN to find “people who want to buy the specific products you offer — based on data from your campaigns, website and YouTube channel.” They come in two distinct flavors:

  • Create-your-own. Like a trip to your favorite pizza chain (but for the GDN), you can mash topics and URLs together like mushrooms and pepperoni in order to target net-new prospects who are probably into your product or service.
  • Auto-created. No idea where to start with the Display Network? Let your ol’ pal Google help! Auto-created custom intent audiences use the power of machine learning to infer the traits your prospects possess, then create audiences exclusive to your account.

Both of these have the potential to fill the top of your funnel with relatively enthused prospect, regardless of if you’re a veteran account manager, or the owner of a small to medium-sized business who is looking beyond that of the SERP.

By following the link below,  speculates as to why custom intent audiences exist before diving into how they work, and how you can leverage these new features for Display Network success.

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