IPv4 IPv6Who said evolution doesn’t exist?  The internet is proof of that.  All things online (which is pretty much everything internet) are always changing, always growing into something different and new.  And sometimes, it can be for the better, or for the worse.

Have you heard of a thing called IPv4?  I’m sure you have, as many people use IPv4 to connect computers and systems together as a network, or simply to connect to the internet.  As many of us who have been in the loop long enough, we have heard of this new form of IP called IPv6.  Basically, it’s a new way to increase the number of IP addresses, allowing for a vast amount of computers and devices to be connected to the internet at any given time.

This is where CIDR notation comes in. You could describe CIDR notation as a format to describe a group of closely related IP addresses.  CIDR notation (a catchier name for this could be C-block) is used exclusively by IPv6.

With the introduction to IPv6 and C-block, SEO could be affected by such a new fangled thing such as this.  But how do they affect it?  One way to find out is to look no further than .  In a post written by Tom, you’ll find out, and it’s all on Moz.com.

Check out Tom’s Moz post by following the link below.

Moz Blog: IPv6, C-Blocks, and How They Affect SEO