Meet The New Twitter Analytics Tools (From Twitter!)

Twitter logo A few months ago, Twitter did something.  Did something crazy.  A few months back, Twitter opened up its analytics dashboard to all users.  What this meant for tweeters was that with Twitter Analytics, anybody would have access to detailed information about tweet performance, impressions, clicks, retweets and replies for each tweet, and even a monthly engagement and engagement rates for an account.

Surprisingly, based on the information gathered through the Analytics tool for Twitter, organic reach and engagement rates can be as low as Facebook.  I know, shocking!

Right out of the gate, Twitter Analytics seems to be a good thing, and a great move from Twitter.  But like anything that seems to shine brightly, is it any good?  Is Twitter Analytics features of any use to social media marketers?

In an article written by , dives into the tool head first and describes to us what the Twitter Analytics tool can do for those who use Twitter on a regular basis, especially for those who use it for work/business purposes.  Check it out!

Marketing Land: Meet The New Twitter Analytics Tools (From Twitter!)