You have to love new additions to stuff, especially when it’s potentially useful stuff!  Google is giving us the ability to set up location extensions at the account level by linking a Google My Business account (presumably your own) to your AdWords account.  What does this mean?  This means that location extensions won’t have to be set up separately for every single campaign that you do.

googlemybusiness-googleadwordsBefore being known as Google My Business, it used to be called Places for Business.  This part of AdWords is where businesses are able to manage location listings to display on such services such as Google Maps, Google Search and Google+.

Assuming that you’re up to snuff and have added all of your locations to Google Business, as well as linked to AdWords, can then choose “upgraded” location extension from the Extension tabs to have them show automatically for all of your campaigns.  By setting up filters, you can assign addresses to certain campaigns or ad groups.

The campaign-level location extensions are able to still be used, but they will eventually be phased out as we start heading towards the end of the year.

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