pinterest bannerYesterday, Pinterest has made an announcement that they will be giving users in the United States the ability to buy directly from the Pinterest network with “Buyable Pins.”

The buyable pins feature is something that has been long been anticipated for a social network with the most product friendliness.  This feature makes sense, as Pinterest has 70 million monthly active users.  It’s pretty evident that these users love buying stuff.

An extremely common request from Pinterest users was the desire to have “Pinterest as a store.”  This came from Ben Siberman, the Pinterest co-founder, who read a tweet from a Pinterest user during the intro of the new product at the company’s headquarters in San Francisco.  “‘Like how great would it be to walk in and buy all those clothes and food and shoes and puppies and boys?’”

Silberman said:

“People have been asking for this stuff a lot and while we can’t promise puppies and boys, I’m really excited to announce today Buyable Pins.”

As stated in the above embedded tweet, the  new Pin product will appear later this month on iPhones and iPads.  It makes sense that this feature would appear on mobile devices instead of on desktop since 80% of Pinterest users are on mobile.


Users will be able to pay with either Apple Pay or the credit cards of their choice.  Pinterest is working with Stripe and Braintree to process payments.  There is no plans currently for Pinterest to take cuts from each purchase made through the social network.

Marketers interested in joining the program can sign up on this waiting list.

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