PenguinHuston, the Penguin has landed.  That’s right, Penguin 3.0 to be specific.  It  was speculated on for months now, and this update is finally here.  At this point, it doesn’t seem that there has been much change to the SERPS yet, but we still h ave yet to see.  This upgraded flightless bird of an update could rear is head anytime, so webmasters and SEOs are praying and waiting for it to happen.

There are reports that the update is still being rolled out, which means that even thought there doesn’t really seem to be much going on with the current update right now, things could get messy for some later on.

So how many times have we seen this sort of thing happen?  It happens every time there is an update to any of the major algorithms under Google’s thumb.  But to help calm your fears, Jeet Agrawal has written up a guide on Search Engine Journal that will help you deal with this latest iteration of Penguin.

Go ahead and check it out on Search Engine Land by following the link below.

Search Engine Land:  Don’t Get in a Flap: Your Penguin 3.0 Survival Guide