SEMrush, a competitive intelligence platform utilized by search marketers, has has launched a new product called Sellerly specifically for Amazon sellers. Recently, SEMrush, which got $40 million in funding, was able to expand beyond Google, Bing and Yahoo insights.

Sellerly announced on May 20 that they would give Amazon sellers the ability to split test product detail pages.

“By introducing Sellerly as a seller’s buddy in Amazon marketing, we hope to improve hundreds of existing Amazon sellers’ strategies,” said SEMrush Chief Strategy Officer Eugene Levin in a statement. “Sellerly split testing is only the first step here. We’ve already started to build a community around the new product, which is very important to us. We believe that by combining feedback from users with our leading technology and 10 years of SEO software experience, we will be able to build something truly exceptional for Amazon sellers.”

For now, Sellerly is free to use, and with it, Amazon sellers can connect their Amazon accounts to it in order to manage their product pages. Sellers will be able to make changes to their product detail pages in order to test against the controls. Sellerly collects data in real time, allowiong sellers to choose winners based on views and conversions.

Sellers can run an unlimited number of tests.

SourceGinny Marvin