Shock Top Says Its Super Bowl 50 Ad Will Be “The Greatest Super Bowl Commercial Of All Time”

Anheuser busch Anheuser Busch brand has dropped yet another Super Bowl teaser ad and has promised that it’ll be “the greatest Super Bowl commercial of all time.”  Those are some pretty big words if I may say so.

ShockTop, which is a craft-like beer by Anheuser Busch, released a 90-second spot featuring T.J. Miller, who is an actor and comedian who hails from HBO’s Silicon Valley.

“It’s going to be the greatest Super Bowl commercial of all time,” says Miller while holding his Shock Top draft beer, “So save a trip to the bathroom for one of those sappy insurance ads that goes nowhere but still kind of makes you cry and you don’t know why.”

In a report on AdWeek, the spot was ad-libbed by Miller and Martin Montana, who voices Shock Top’s mascot, Wedgehead.

“T.J. Miller embodies the brand, the irreverence, the wit,” Shock Top VP Jake Kirsch told AdWeek, “We tell people to ‘Live Life Unfiltered,’ we’re an unfiltered beer, and T.J. is at the top of the list of people like that.”

According to Kirsch, Shock Top is using this debut appearance as a Super Bowl advertiser to help “relaunch, reignite and restage” the brand.

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