Admit it – you’re an SEO, and you tend to obsess over changes to organic search results.  You hop on your computer and soon realize that there has been “a lot of activity” on your social media feeds.

In this case, “activity” would mean that SEOs who monitor changes to search ranks discover fluctuations in a short amount of time.  When “a lot of activity” occurs, there was typically some large fluctuations in man websites’ rankings in a vertical or across verticals.  Sometimes the results are positive, but they mostly negative, much to the dismay of website owners.  Big updates usually result in big drops in traffic.

Even if the big update that just came out didn’t affect you now, what about the next one?  This sort of thing happens when Google rolls out large-scale changes to their search algorithms.

We know that it’s important to know what Google’s algorithms contain, but you don’t have to know the granular details about every update in order to keep your site in the black.

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