AmazonIn a survey conducted by PowerReviews (which consisted of 1,000 US consumers), it was found that Amazon is the preferred starting point for product search.  Who’s the one coming in second?  Google.  The others that followed included brand/retailer sites and e-commerce marketplaces.

  • Amazon — 38 percent
  • Google — 35 percent
  • Brand or Retailer Site — 21 percent
  • Other eCommerce Marketplaces — 6 percent

The folks who voted Amazon as their number one destination for starting off for their product searches sited reviews, product selection, deals/prices,  and free shipping were the primary as the primary reasons.

Amazon beats Google in survery

Out of the 35 percent of shoppers who started with Google, 52 percent of them said that they clicked on Google Shopping Results, 41 percent clicked on an Amazon link, while a similar number clicked on a retailer link.  27 percent clicked on brand sites.

Another interesting tidbit found in this survey was that a majority of shoppers would ultimately purchase their products in physical brick and mortar stores.

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