The Science Behind How And Why You Should Pause Paid Search

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Did you know that under the right kind of structure and parameter set, pausing paid search can actually be a great source of data.

According to John Smith, the senior Paid Search Analyst at Uproar, PPC professionals will measure certain variations of total revenue over total cost. He said that, “if it’s high, we’re doing well. If not, we rethink and rework until we hit the ROAS we want.”

Although pausing your paid search could be a determent to your SEO strategy, it can be a really good estimate of efficacy. Smith said that he has done the same thing.

“The problem is that number doesn’t tell us much. It doesn’t tell us if we actually lost money buying users who would have converted anyway. And it doesn’t show what might have happened if we simply didn’t spend,” said Smith.

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