app-store-optimization-asoA business’ app can be an important part of a search ranking success story.  But what do you need to do to make sure your app is a success?  Use app store optimization (ASO) of course!  If you want to compare, you can say that ASO is the exact same thing as SEO is for web pages.  If you want search rankings to drive downloads, it takes the same amount of work to deliver good SEO results for a website.

What is a great part of ASO that will help app marketers get the word out about their app?  That’s easy!  Use the review section of the app store.  Free user created content that centers around your app!  User reviews can be a great thing for your app in every aspect of it.  Not only can app marketers utilize it to increase buzz about it, but reviews can also be used to by app publishers to constantly improve it as well.

 has posted some content on Marketing Land about ASO and app reviews.  He lists five of the best ways to use reviews for better app store optimization.

To see what they are, you can follow the link below to learn how to better optimize your app marketing strategy!