google-logo-874x288Gary Illyes of Google revealed yesterday during the “how to Secure Your Site for Google’s HTTPS Algorithm” SMX West session that the most Googled term ever is “Google” itself.

So, why do people Google the term “Google” so much on its own search engine?  Typically, as Illyes put it, people do this to find login pages for popular sites, such as Facebook.  “Google” is the most popular search topic the search engines gets.

One thing was clear, as Illyes was asked what most searchers clicked on after searching for the query, “Google”, he wasn’t certain on whether or not the first link, which leads users back to Google’s homepage, got the most clicks.


Illyes said that he is going to run an internal test to flag sites that have broken security certificates, because this happens with almost half the secure sites Google sees.  Google could decide to publicly flag sites with broken security certificates as potentially unsafe depending on how his test goes.

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