YahooIt was announced today by Yahoo that the integration with comScore’s audience verification service, Validated Campaign Essentials (vCE) is now live and available on Yahoo’s ad buying and reporting platforms in the US.  The partnership was first announced at the Digital NewFronts in April.

So what does this partnership mean?  Essentially, this means that media buyers will have access to TV-comparable metrics.  Buyers will be able to have access to things such as audience demographics, reach, frequency, and GRPs for digital campaigns.  This is the first publisher to offer vCE across its platforms, according to Yahoo.

“Integrating comScore vCE® with Yahoo ad platforms provides advertisers with one place to buy, measure, and analyze campaigns against all available data,” said Eric Lange, VP of Product, Yahoo. “That’s something advertisers can’t get anywhere else today.”

For the time being, vCE will be included in both programmatic and direct buys for both display and video.  Yahoo will work with comScore to include delivery and verification for mobile campaigns and finally expand the integration globally over the next couple months.

The goal that Yahoo has set with the likes of vCE is to help make the platform more attractive to major brands.  They want to focus this  on their new digital magazines like Tech, Food and Beauty, both of which debuted with L’Oreal USA as the launch sponsor.

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