schema-org1Here’s an interesting for you all.  Based on a Searchmetrics report done earlier this year, it was revealed that, despite less than 1% of all domains researched had integrations, over 40% of keyword search queries contained a result snippet that was derived from markup.  What’s more is that those domains that contained integrations had much higher SEO visiability scores than thoe domains that didn’thave them.

Even knowing that SEO visibility scores are higher for sites that integrate than those that don’t, it’s possible that B2B marketers might still be skeptical or unsure about despite integrations being more consumer oriented.

 discuses 20 integration opportunities for B2B search marketers in a post found on Search Engine Land called 20 Ways B2B SEOs Can Leverage Markup, and is organized by broad topics, and how they are able to impact online marketing goals and objectives.

Check out Derek’s post below if you’re interested in finding some more ways to improve search visibility using