adstage2Today, the self-service digital ad management platform, AdStage announced support for Twitter Ads.  In addition, other features for agencies and large advertisers that help manage multiple accounts have been announced as well.

AdStage is now supporting campaign management and analytics across Google AdWords, Bing Ads, LinkedIn Facebook, and Twitter ad networks.  This makes AdStage the only platform with native API integration across this band of ad channels.

If you’re an advertiser who is running large scale Twitter campaigns, take heart knowing that the Twitter interface allows for it.  Not only that, but dedicated apps on the platform will support capabilities such as Twitter tailored audiences:

“The Audience Manager app helps manage tailored audiences and retargeting lists, the Twitter Creatives app helps create and manage Tweets and Cards at scale with bulk editing features, and the Automated Rules app automates tasks like bidding and scheduling to keep Twitter Ad campaigns running at peak performance.”



With Multiple-Account Management tools, large advertisers and agencies have been given the ability to group and manage distinct ad accounts across all of their brands with ease.  Advertisers and agencies will be able to access their account groups, as well as have additional dashboards for managing accounts across various levels.  If you have manager access, you can work on multiple accounts at once.

Lastly, Paul Wicker, who used to work at Kenshoo, has been hired on at AdStage as Director of Product.

The CEO and co-founder of AdStage said this about Wicker,

“With every key network integration now in place, Paul will lead the AdStage Platform’s growth vertically. He has firsthand knowledge on both the power of bulk workflow tools and the disadvantage of heavy enterprise software. Paul is well equipped to add depth to the platform, such as data-driven recommendations, additional bulk workflows, and the coordination of 3rd party app integrations in order to make AdStage the quickest platform to manage and optimize online ad campaigns.”

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