Digital VideoIn this age of content consumption, video has become a massive staple.  But unfortunately, there are quite a few people who don’t realize that videos are an important part of their marketing strategy.  The reason why it’s so critical is because videos are popular with users (who doesn’t like watching a good video, am I right?) and is quite versatile.

Not only can you create your own videos for your marketing campaign, but it’s easy to share online.  You can upload your videos up onto an online service, such as YouTube, and then embed the video to your website, blog post, email newsletters, or favorite social media platform.

According to a study done recently by Search Engine Journal shows that native videos on Facebook will receive a higher number of likes, shares comments and reach when compared to YouTube.  Videos have a higher average organic reach than status and link updates on Facebook.

Although placing your videos onto YouTube is a great idea, making sure that the same video is also placed on Facebook is great, as Facebook videos are receiving more than four billion daily views, according to a report by Mark Zuckerberg.  In this case, it’s high time you begin uploading to your Facebook business page.

On Search Engine Journal, there is a post by Cherry Kwan that gives us an extensive look on how to optimize your Facebook native videos.  Check it out below by following the link I’ve provided!

Search Engine Journal: An Extensive Guide on Optimizing Your Facebook Native Videos