bing adsIf you advertise on Bing Ads, you might be in for a plea sent surprise when you go to preform keyword research.  Those who live i the UK, Canada and Australia will now have access to Keyword Planner.  Next, Keyword Planner will have an additional targeting feature that will help users finder keyword suggestions based on product categories.

The Keyword Planner was originally launched last year, and was only available for users in the US.  But now, the folks in the UK, Canada and Australia will now be able to find the Keyword Planner under the “Tools” element in their accounts.  People will have the ability to show targeting options such as cities, states/provinces and will be able to pull historical search stats across all of these locations.  The stats available includes:

  • Average monthly searches
  • Competition
  • Suggested bids
  • Ad impression share
  • Traffic estimates


Because of this new change, the Campaign Planner tool will be removed from the Tools tab, as it’s being replaced by Keyword Planner.

Due to the enhancements made to suggesting keywords within Keyword Planner, users can now source keywords based on their products, a landing page or a product category.  Any combination of these fields can be used to help dig p pertinent terms that directly relevant to your business.  In the product category field, you’ll see high-level categories, along with more granular categories, which will help users find the best terms.


All the changes made above are live within the Bing Ads Tools tab.  If you’re interested in learning more, check out the official blog post from Bing..

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