A sweepstakes has been launched by Bing Ads that is meant to encourage agencies to increase their participation at the start of the new year.


On January 2nd, agencies will be able to accrue one entry in Bing Ads’ sweepstakes with each Bing Ads Accreditied Professional (BAAP) certification, up to ten entries for new entries for new accounts added to their Bing Ads agency account, as well as five entries for enrolling in the Bing Partner Program.

How To Enter

In order to get started, visit the registration page here. You’ll also find the official rules here as well. If your agency is already in the Bing Partner Program, fill out the registration form to get your five entries. If you’re a current BAAP or have an account with Bing Ads Academy, log in to your dashboard to ensure your information is up to date.

Why Does This Matter?

If you’re considering taking the BAAP exam, or the agency you’re apart of has been considering enrolling in the Bing Partner Program, the prizes available might be the incentive you needed to get the ball rolling.  The big winners will get a trip to the Bing Partner Summit, held in May at Microsoft’s headquarters in Redmond, WA, or to Bing Day Dublin, depending on your agency’s location. Others will score an Xbox One or gift cards. All prizes will be awarded in March. Here’s the full list:

  • Grand Prize: Trip for two individuals of the winning agency to the Bing Partner Summit in May 2019 at Microsoft headquarters (awarded to one agency based in North America only).
  • Grand Prize: Trip for two individuals of the winning agency to Bing Day Dublin in April 2019. (awarded to one agency based in EMEA only).
  • First Prizes: Xbox One (one device awarded per agency to two agencies in North America, EMEA, and APAC).
  • Second Prize: $250 Amazon gift card (awarded to 5 randomly drawn individuals across all regions).
  • Early Bird Prizes: $5 Coffee gift card (awarded to the first 50 individuals to submit entries from across all regions).

Training courses for the BAAP exam are free through the Bing Ads Academy. Once accredited, you’ll be able to use the Accredited Professional badge and be included in the member directory. The Bing Partner Program is a loyalty program that offers members training, technical and marketing resources. The three tiers — Elite, Select and Partner — are based on annual spend, engagement levels and size. With 2019, the Partner Program moved to a fiscal year cycle.

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