We all know that mobile usage has completely exploded on to the internet scene .  With more and more smart phones and tablets being purchased by people, it’s not hard to believe it when there are reports and studies saying that mobile devices are driving more than 50 percent of internet time.

According to the digital metrics firm, comScore, mobile devices have “accounted for 60 percent of total digital media time spent” in the month of May.  What’s crazy (or not so crazy, based on the idea that mobile devices are so big) is that apps represent over 50 percent of all digital media time.  (To comScore, apps are being used 83 percent of the time, and Nielsen feels it’s closer to 90)


Did you know that more than 70 percent of social networking time is spent on mobile devices and 90 percent of the time with maps is spent on mobile?


With this sort of evidence supporting the growth and usage of mobile, it’s not surprising that some believe that PCs are dead.  I know that’s not true, but I do agree with the fact that mobile is leading the charge in internet usage at this point.

At this point, mobile is still growing, that’s for sure.  Even so, it’s not keeping pace with consumer time shifting.  $7 billion were spent on mobile ads in the US, and this year, it could be doubled to $14 billion.

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