GoogleLast Friday, comScore released their monthly report on US desktop search market share.  According to the report, Google controlled 63.8 percent of all PC search volume in August, while Microsoft’s Bing had 20.6 percent, and Yahoo had only 12.7 percent.

Bing had increased fraction of a percent at Google’s expense, while Yahoo didn’t see any changes for the better or worse.  When you look at it month over month, Google is only off by 0.2 percent.  The company’s desktop search share is down almost 4 points when compared to a year ago (67.6 percent).  It’s possible that the desktop version of Google may have seen it’s best days behind them.



There were 17.6 billion PC-based searches in August, and Google saw 11.3 billion of them.  Because Google said back in May that mobile queries had overtaken search volumes on PC, more than likely there were at least that many mobile queries done through Google.

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