Google has been in the process of rolling out COVID-19 updates and advice to local businesses regularly. Specifically in an update for health and medical professionals, the ompany introduced some new links in the Google My Business (GMB) dashboard. These two links were first discovered by Erica Paige and picked up by Mike Blumenthal.

New “info links” available in Google My Business for COVID-19 and telehealth.

GMB instructions have been dedicated by Google for healthcare and medical professionals. Telemedicine is a custom service category that can be added to the GMB profile. There’s a good chance that, after the COVID-19 pandemic has passed, it could become a permanent service category. For now, Google is calling out that capability with a specific link that will appear on profiles and on Maps. There is even a new COVID-19 info link to take users directly to relevant information.

SourceGreg Sterling