Google-Maps-logoThe design of the Google Maps interface has been updated to make it easier for their maps users to navigate and discover places.  The update spans all versions, including desktop, Android and iOS, which specifically impacts the maps interface.

Google’s idea behind the new update was to declutter the interface by removing elements that “aren’t absolutely required,” like road outlines, as an example.  The typography of street names, points of interest, transit stations and more has been updated, which was to “make them more distinguishable from other tings on the map,” said Google.

The following image shows the before and after shot:

Google Maps also has the area of interests highlighted as the map is zoomed in on.  This way, searchers will have a way to zoom into specific areas that they’re more interested in.  The highlight is done in a shade of orange.  The video below shows how it works:

Google Maps has even updated how the business photos and street views imagery viewer works.  Now, it’s more of a carousel layout, with a quick way to toggle between normal photos and 360-degree photos.

Google said that “the new Maps has a subtle color scheme to help you easily differentiate between man-made or natural features, and quickly identify places like hospitals, schools or highways.”

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