There were some screen shots of the beta Search Console interface being tested by Google that was uncovered last month, and today, a “sneak peek” was announced that two of the new features or reports coming to the new beta Google Search Console.

These new reports includes an Index Coverage report and AMP fixing flow report.

With the Index Coverage report, you will be shown the count of indexed pages, and information about why some pages couldn’t be indexed.  You’ll also be shown example pages with problems and tips on how to fix those indexing issues.  The new report offers a “simple sitemap submission flow, and the capability to filter all Index Coverage data to any of the submitted sitemaps,” Google said.

The AMP fixing flow report has the AMP Issues report, which shows the current AMP issues that impacts the ability of sites to show your AMP content in search, all grouped by the error.  If you drill down into an issue, you’ll be able to see some sample affected pages.  By clicking on a button to verify your fix, and after the issue becomes fixed, you can have Google recrawl the pages affected by that issue.  “Google will notify you of the progress of the recrawl, and will update the report as your fixes are validated,” Google added.

According to the company, Google is rolling out these two new reports in the “next few weeks” to a “small set of users.”

Google has confirmed in this post that they are working on a new and improved Search Console interface to:

  • provide more actionable insights.
  • offer better support of your organizational workflow.
  • enable faster feedback loops between you and Google.

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