eMarketer, in it’s latest look at mobile ad revenues, has estimated that Google is generating nearly one fifth of its US advertising revenues from mobile search, coming in at 19.1%.

Only two years ago, mobile meet up only 4 .8 percent of Google’s US ad revenues. It is forecast that by the year 2015, Mobile is expected to count for over 30 percent of Google’s ad revenue in the US alone. This is a major indication of just how fast the mobile ad market is growing.  In that time, it is predicted that desktop search revenue share will fall to below 50%.


Tablets are also being counted in eMarketers mobile numbers.  However, Google is starting to group tablets in with desktops, not smartphones. Google AdWords has in hanste their campaigns, which went to affect in July. This means that tablets and desktop dating have been lumped together so all desktop campaigns will automatically include tablet bidding. eMarketer hasn’t indicated whether or not in hanste campaigns are contributing to Google’s projected Mobile revenue increases.

It is expected that by the year 2015, Google’s mobile display revenue share is expected to grow faster then mobile search. Despite this, mobile search will continue dominating Google’s share of mobile ad revenues. The main driver for the increase in Google’s mobile display revenue, according to eMarketer, is YouTube.