Lean into Email in 2022: An Interview with iContact’s Hank Hoffmeier

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What is the future of email marketing? To many experts, it’s predicted that email marketing will include better automation, more relevant messaging, more personalization and more cross-channel integration.

It seems that according to various data out there, we tend to like using email, even in this day and age of digital communication. Email seems to be an easier form of communication than many other types, like the overstimulation of Twitter and Facebook. The data would show that our email inboxes are a refuge of sorts that represents a quiet corner where you can talk to your customer or client on their terms.

Miriam Ellis was able to sit down with the Strategic Insights Manager at iContact, Hank Hoffmeier, where he discusses both tips and today’s trends that will make 2022 the year you focus on email of the future.

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