In an announcement made by Google on April 25, Gmail features will be rolling out, which was first announced earlier this month. Not only will there be a redesign and app integration it already said it was coming out with, the new Gmail will involve a number of new enhancements.

This update includes a “nudging” feature that reminds users to respond to messages, high-priority notification options, unsubscribe suggestions for news letters that people aren’t reading, and “smart replies” on desktop (these were originally available only on mobile).

There’s even a snooze feature that allows users to put off emails until they have time to respond.  There are some small navigational tweaks, such as the ability to open an attachment without opening the email or to send an RSVP to a meeting invite while hovering over a message.

Snooze emails and open attachments without opening an email

An interesting feature to the update is the new confidential mode that gives users the ability to put an expiration date on messages or revoke previously-sent messages.

Confidential mode also comes with built-in controls, which lets users restrict emails from being forwarded, copied, downloaded or printed.

Gmail’s new confidential mode

According to Google, the Confidential mode is going to be available to consumer Gmail users and a limited number of G Suite customers in the coming weeks.  To turn on features that are already available, users can select “Try the new Gmail” from their Gmail setting menu.

According to an announcement made by David Thacker, Google’s VP of product management for G Suite, the new Gmail is available for businesses via the G Suite Early Adopter Program, and can be turned on in the admin console.

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