There is a new test being done by Google on a new method of displaying local reviews for the hotel industry y grouping and summarizing reviews by traveler type and category of service.  This was first noticed by Sergey Alakov, and he was able to capture many screen shots of the Google local reviews test.

Google local reviews have been broken out here by traveler type, which includes couples, families, solo, and business travelers.  Check out the following screen shots that show the reviews summary grouped by these types:

By clicking into one of them, you’ll be shown the summary by category of service, like rooms, location and service and facilities.  There’s even a graphical user interface that has nice imagery and icons:

Not only that, at the top level, users will be able to summarize by categories including rooms, location, and service and facilities.

You’ll be shown the top reviews in each category too:

Check out more screen shots on Sergey’s blog.

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