Reddit Shares New Insights into the Potential of Reddit Ads (Infographic)

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Although it isn’t something that all marketers haven’t considered yet, the ads that Reddit offers have been evolving, and the platform’s audience has been receptive to marketing approaches. Advertising on Reddit is a cheap, and flow-funnel traffic with a highly-engaged audience and wildly specific targeting. For PPC marketing, this is a dream as Reddit offers a great opportunity for organic promotion.

As explained by Reddit:

“Redditors aren’t like other consumers. They seek to be engaged, not just doom-scroll. Our users are hungry for trusted perspectives on brands, products and topics that they love. As a matter of fact, 90% trust the platform for recommendations and information about new trends.”

Reddit has a lot of engaged communities found on their site, and with it’s ad tools, it offers new ways to connect, which could be worth taking a look at. In order to give out some more perspective on this, Reddit has come out with a new infographic that outlines the benefits that Reddit ads can bring to your business.

Check out more of Reddit’s ad options here.

Reddit ads infographic

Source – Social Media Today

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