It seems that there are still quite a few advertisers with active standard text ads in their Microsoft Advertising accounts. Their end date has been extended.

According to Microsoft Advertising, standard text ads wouldn’t be be served after 2019, but the company announced existing standard text ads may continue to serve until March 31.

For the last two years, advertisers haven’t been able to create or edit standard text ads in their accounts. There are some advertisers who probably haven’t even touched their ads for two years, while others would run standard and expanded text ads (ETAs) against each other and still seeing positive results from the standard ads.

If you still aren’t running expanded text ads, this is a great time to start doing that, as standard text ads will eventually be shut down by Microsoft Advertising. You are able to import ETAs from Google Ads if you’re running campaigns. You can find more information on migrating to ETAs here.

SourceGinny Marvin