yahoo-logo-purple-800During Monday’s IAB MIXX conference in NYC, Yahoo’s CEO, Marissa Mayer took center stage, telling the audience that she believes that installing ad blockers is a mistake.

Mayer weighted in on a big topic in the marketing industry:

“I personally think it’s a mistake to install ad blockers,” Mayer said. She says Yahoo has ads that work and make for a better internet experience, adding to the content versus taking away from it. According to Mayer, ad blockers result in the loss of a rich, full experience of the Web. “I want to make sure to keep monetization models vibrant,” said Mayer. “It’s about transparency, choice and control.”

Mayer praised Yahoo’s capabilities as a mobile company  and ts focus to “inform, connect and entertain” users.  Mayer claimed that her company is still in the middle of a renaissance by saying, “today,, we really want to be the mobile guide.”

According to the stats from Flurry, the mobile analytics company that was acquired by Yahoo in July of last year, 90 percent of the time spent on smart devices is spent using apps.  50 percent of the time in apps are split between messaging and entertainment apps.  Mayer said that there are 280 million “mobile addicts” in the world who interact with apps over six times a day.

Mayer believes that native ads are the best way to monetize mobile content, when it comes to mobile revenue.

When it comes to Yahoo’s video plans, Weisberg asked if Yahoo could support the high cost of their video content.  Mayer said, “we think there’s tremendous demand from advertisers for video.”  She said that Yahoo’s acquisition of the video platform, Brightroll, has allowed Yahoo to aggregate many differ sites, and sell packages that ultimately meet advertiser’ objectives.

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