It would seem that everybody these days is doing video advertising.  There is a dang good reason for doing it too, as video ads are a wonderful way of getting people to pay attention to your business, as well as attract new customers.  It was Outbrain who reported that 87 percent of online marketers are using video!

But despite the popularity of the video ad, there is something that every marketer should ask themselves – what kind of video quality do you need to make video advertising work?

For years, advertising using video has been an exclusive thing for gigantic businesses.  Tens of thousands to millions of dollars are spent on each ad.  But there are many business that are not able to drop that sort of money on video advertising.

Until now, nobody has taken a hard look at how much time and money you need to put into video to drive profitable results.  This can be pretty a bit sad as it’s becoming more and more important to understand the relationship between the effort you put into a video ad and the performance of that ad.

Disruptive Advertising spent the last six months trying to define the connection between video ad quality and campaign performance on Facebook.

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