Yahoo Search Share Goes Up After Firefox Deal, Google Goes Down

StatCounter has come out with some new data that reveals Yahoo has gained almost a 2 point search market share gain in the US in the past month.  This increase in market share can be attributed to the recent Yahoo-Firefox default search deal, and StatCounter reported that Yahoo had a share of 10.4, where they previously had  only 8.6 a year ago.

For the month of December, Google had a share of 75.2 percent and Bing had 12.5 percent.  Based on recent comScore data, which was dated before the Firefox deal, Google had a 67 percent share, Bing had 19.6, and Yahoo had 10.2 in the US.

Screen shot 2015 01 07 at 6 27 55 am

StatCounter said that Yahoo’s post-Firefox position is at its “highest US search share since 2009.” The company said by comparison that Google was a its lowest share “yet recorded by StatCounter.”

StatCounter showed last month that Yahoo had a significant search bump among Firefox 34 users:

Screen shot 2015 01 07 at 6 42 30 am


For mobile, here are the stats according to StatCounter:

  • Yahoo – 10.9%
  • Bing – 5.6%
  • Google – 84%

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