yandex_logo_en-svgYandex has add the mobile-friendly label to their mobile search results, for pages that meed their mobile-friendly criteria.  This will mark Yandex as the third search engine to add this label to their mobile search results.The Russian Search Tips blog reported the change, and said that Yandex announced it in Russian, now making all mobile-friendly web sites show the label.

Yandex told  of Search Engine Land that this currently “does not influence on ranking at the moment” but it wouldn’t be surprising if this changes over the next several months.  If something does change, we’ll probably hear about it from Yandex.

Also, there was a mobile-friendly diagnostic tool released which allows webmasters to check to see if their sites are mobile-friendly.  It seems that the tool will only check individual webpages, and not a web site as a whole.


With the news that Yandex is adding the mobile-friendly label to their mobile search results, there might be a connection with this week’s earlier news that Yandex was asking webmasters to stop blocking JS and CSS.  There’s a chance that Yandex is wanting webmaster to do this so that they are better able to detect if a site is mobile-friendly.


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