Users on Yelp now have the ability to leave feedback on local businesses’ health and safety compliance when dealing with the pandemic. If businesses are taking all the necessary precautions, such as wearing masks and enforcing social distancing, community members can vouch for those businesses.

Yelp has just launched a feature that solicits customer feedback about how well businesses are adhering to pandemic precautions in a recent release.

According to the release:

“Starting today (January 12), Yelp will display if users observed, or did not observe, the enforcement of social distancing and staff wearing masks. We know many businesses are prioritizing the health and safety of their customers. This new update further highlights how businesses have adapted to keep their customers safe, and aims to instill confidence in consumers to continue supporting local businesses.”

Not only is there user feedback, the launch even features new options for businesses to promote their COVID-safe practices, which includes the following:

  • heated outdoor seating
  • 1:1 sessions available 
  • disposable or contactless menu

The following screenshot shows us the new ratings from Yelp:

Source – Search Engine Land