Mobile-ShoppingMobile has become a giant presence in our world today, and with the addition to smartphones, it’s really taken off.  According to comScore, smartphone penetration has reached  72% of mobile market penetration.  When it comes to shopping, a high number of people will use their smartphones to check reviews and product prices, or simply to help understand the feature better.

The more and more we use mobile, the more businesses and companies will utilize mobile websites and services themselves.  Because of these new mobile ways of being able to shop, in essence, mobile IS shaping the way we do our shopping.

When it comes to m-commerce (according to Bing Ads), there seems to be four key elements that seems to be evolving.  What are these four elements?

  • Control
  • Convenience
  • Conversion
  • Commerce

In a Search Engine Land article, written by ,  we will be able to dive deeper into the understanding of this list and how it’s driving the new mobile shopper.  Without any further adieu, I will point you towards SEL article so you can find out how marketers can meet consumer needs and win customers with the aforementioned elements.

Search Engine Land: The 4 Cs Driving Mobile Search, Shopping & Buying