CompassWhen it comes to marketing, your first priority should be making sure you retain as many customers and visitors as possible.  But what helps keep them coming back?

Well, there is something brand new being launched today from Amplitude, a mobile/desktop analytics firm – a brand new product called Compass.  The company says that it is the first in the open market it itemize the specific user behaviors that correlate to user retention.  Currently, this kind of capability doesn’t exist in-house for the like of Facebook, Uber and other enterprises.

Before the release of this new product, Amplitude tracked only the numbers of users retained over time, not the user’s behaviors.

Spenser Skates, the CEO and co-founder of Amplitude sad that the multiplayer game QuizUp employed the company’s new product during the beta phase.

It was discovered by QuizUp that the users who utilized the app’s social feature within the first week of downloading the app were 60 percent more likely to continue as users for at least the next month (at least 30 days).

After a behavior has been identified, the marketer is able to create a cohort of all the users who have exhibited that behavior.  This means that they are now able to be targeted as a common group for additional marketing.

QuizUp, who would have access to behavioral information can focus on promoting social features to new users, which will help boost retention.  Right now, according to Skates, his company doesn’t yet have stats to indicate the validity of Compass’s identification of behavioral drivers actually is.

At this point, this basically means that it isn’t statistically clear whether or not these correlated behaviors are causative.

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