Bing-logo-orange-RGBOn March 13, Bing launched a set of smart answers that can be found in the search results for March Madness.  To get the brackets, just head over to Bing and do a search for 

[march madness].

Once you’ve done the search for March Madness, you’ll be given three options that appear above the typical search results.  At this point, Bing will default to the current bracket results, a way to build your own bracket, and their predictions of winners.  You’ll also be provided the schedule and the teams that are playing in this year’s March Madness.

Below is a screen of the default results you get when you search for March Madness in Bing:

Bing March Madness

If you click on the Bing Predicts, you’ll be shown all the predictions, which is updated as time goes on.  Check out the screen capture below:


Bing said:

Now that the bracket has officially been announced, our data scientists are in the lab, working tirelessly to perfect their models so our smarter bracket is powered by Bing Predicts and ready for you to access by Monday morning. Stay tuned for an updated analysis of the Bing smarter bracket on the Bing blog tomorrow.

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