Bing Native Ads Rollout Gains Steam: Support Coming To Bing Ads Editor

Bing ads There is a new update being rolled out by Bing Ads for Bing Ads Editor that will include editing support for native ad bidding.

The update was announced in February 2015.  Although native ads are currently in beta, they are becoming more widely available to more accounts in th e US.  Now that Editor is getting support, this means that the rollout is picking up speed.

With native ads, this will help extend Bing search ads to content on MSN.com.  It’s possible for US users to find examples like found in the following image in many articles on MSN.com.  Currently, the ads that appear will sometimes be introduced with “Recommended for you” and will always be slugged in with “Sponsored”.

Msn autos contoso 1200x901 bing native ad

There will be other situations where you’ll see an ad with the company name and a line of promo:

Msn travel blue yonder 1200x901 bing native ads

Native ad exposure is controlled on MSN.com with bid modifiers at the campaign and ad group levels.  Native ad bid adjustments can range from -100 percent (which basically means opting out of native ads altogether) to +900 percent above the desktop bid.

For a full rundown of the latest BAE updates, check out the blog post.

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