GoogleGoogle has been given more time to respond to the antitrust charges being thrown at them by the EU, with the deadline now being pushed from July 7 to August 17, 2015.

The news comes from a report on Reuters, where Google’s spokesman All Verney said that the EU has given in to Google’s request for an extension to review court documents.

We have asked the European Commission for additional time to review the documents they’ve provided us. The Commission has extended our response deadline to Aug. 17.

– Google Spokesperson Al Verney

Back in April, antitrust charges were brought against Gargles by the EU.  The search company was accused of unfair practices around its comparison shopping services.  Plus, there is an investigation into market abuse by Google’s Android operating system.

EU said that Google could face substantial fines earlier this month, saying that they could be large enough to “ensure deterrence” of further antitrust abuses.  The penalty that Google will be facing will be based on Google’s European AdWords revenue, comparison shopping gross turnover earned in Europe, as well as its gross revenue from European search queries.

To make matters worse for Google, Getty Images was added to the EU’s case, saying that Google was guilty of building its own image search vertical that utlized Getty-owned content.

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