google-thumbAccording to a TechCrunch story, Google is testing a new “Explore Interests” feature for Google Now, which will make it easier for users to control the information displayed via the mobile assistant app.  It’ll also show information a user may not want tracked.

TechCrunch reporter, Sarah Perez said, “it will give users more control over what sort of information Google will track on your behalf, and will make it easier to tell Google exactly what sort of information you want to hear more about,” noting the feature was first reported on August 8th by the Android Police blog.

The Android Police story even included some screen shots of the features, which shows six categories:

  • Sports
  • TV
  • Movies
  • Musicians
  • People
  • Stocks

Users will be able to select specific topics that they’re interesting in seeing.

Each of the listed categories in the “Explore Interests” feature includes several topics that can be tracked: “Each of these have different things that can be added, meaning if anything happens to that specific interest, it will pop up in Google Now as a new card.”

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