If you go to Google and preform a search for [navigate] or [navigation] or [directions] or any other similar search, you will receive a direct answer/one box result at the top asking you “where do you want to go?”

Below that, you’ll be asked to enter a starting point and a destination.  Once you’ve entered the appropriate information, a map of the trip, as well as a link into Google Maps for driving instructions will be given.

Here’s the first what you’ll first get when you search for “navigate” or similar:

Once you’e entered your destination, this is what you get:

This Google feature matters because it helps searchers quickly get directions and see overviews of their upcoming travels.  It can impact GPS services like TomTom and Garmin who try ranking well in Google for searches like navigation and others.  This new smart answer pushes down the web results and shows Google’s own service above it.

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