Salesforce has come out with new features for its Marketing, Commerce and Service Cloud that connect customer interactions even more across the cloud.

This was unveiled on June 13,  during the company’s Connections event that took place in Chicago.  They include:

    • A Marketing Cloud integration with Google Analytics 360, which is going to be available as a beta next month. Following the announcement last November of a global strategic partnership between the two companies, this is a resulting product. The integration allows marketers to create aggregated audiences in Analytics 360 and then direct campaigns toward them in Marketing Cloud. Going the other way, campaign data from Marketing Cloud can now be used inside of Analytics 360, based on responses — such as purchases — to the campaigns. Marketing Cloud Chief Strategy Officer Jon Suarez-Davis told me that this is Google Analytics 360’s first full integration with a major marketing platform, combining data from the two platforms into a single dashboard. As a result, he said, it’s the first time marketers can create audiences in 360 and then automatically activate them in an email campaign, without coding.

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