Imagine that you’re at the grocery store, and you pause at certain locations from within the aisle and you toss items into your cart.  This seems like a normal day at the store, but this is actually a new Virtual Reality Shopper that has been recently launched by System 1 Research.

System 1 Research, the research arm of the London-based marketing firm, System 1 Group, conducts behavioral and other research for brands.  Earlier this year, System 1 Research it undertook a pilot project for a number of brands, including Hershey’s, to build some grocery aisles that resembled a typical WalMart.

According to System 1 Research Managing Director Gabriel Aleixo, this virtual reality platform was designed to test shopping choices, and is now available for other clients.  It was developed on the Unity gaming engine by Los Angeles-based software development shop SciFutures and employs the HTC Vive VR headset.

Check out the sample video clip inside the headset:

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