Mobile-AdvertisingThese days, we’ve been hearing a lot about mobile, and how we should be focusing on the mobile experience, just as much as the desktop experience.  Fortunately, some businesses have gotten into the mobile game, and it’s made their consumers happy.  One of the new terms that has been floating around the industry, as well as the online marketing realm, is “mobile first.”  The intention of this is term is that as a company should think about its website or its other digital means of communications, there should be some serious thinking about the mobile experience as well.

Does mobile first mean building an app, or does it mean simply making your website mobile friendly by creating a better UI that is responsive?  A third option could be having marketers rethink their customer experience and re-map their customer journey as it relates to its largest demographic of customers and employees, the millennials?

Although all of the options are potentially constructive to a mobile first plan, the third is seems to be the best, and correct, choice to a number of people, like , a contributor to Marketing Land.  In his post that can be found on Marketing Land, he writes about how marketers have to think about mobile first, since millennials seem to be the biggest demographic of consumers, and how we need to take the definition of “mobile first” in terms of interacting with customers.

Marketing Land: What Does It Mean To Be Mobile First? And Why Should Marketers Care?