Bing Ads Launches Yahoo Click Volume Numbers, To Be Updated Weekly

Yahoo microsoft There is new data that has been released by Bing Ads that shows the weekly trending of Yahoo search ad click volume that’s served through Bing Ads.  The numbers that have been provided in the data goes back to the beginning of May when the newly renegotiated search deal between Microsoft and Yahoo took effect.

There have been rumors about the state of search ad delivery rates on Yahoo, and it looks like according to the blog post that Bing Ads is releasing he stats (which, of course, will be updated weekly here) that they are trying to quash them with this announcement:

“Despite what you may have heard, Bing Ads continues today to deliver ad clicks against 99% of Yahoo PC traffic and nearly 90% of Mobile/Tablet traffic. As a result, Yahoo click volume served through Bing Ads remains stable, averaging 99% of Yahoo’s April baseline across all devices in the U.S. The 1% movement is normal and expected.”

Bing Ads delivered all the desktop search on Yahoo properties under the old deal, and mobile was left up for grabs.  But Yahoo made the move to delivering its own mobile ads through Yahoo Gemini last year.  With the new terms of the deal, Yahoo will be able to serve up to 49 percent of desktop search traffic ads from its own Gemini system, or other partner.

Because of the new deal, each company has been handling its own ad sales.  In the past, Yahoo has had to handle high-spend accounts for both companies.  The motivation behind releasing this data seems to stem from the fact that advertisers are getting different messages from different sales teams.

Here is a chart that was released Thursday that shows the volume of click share across all devices:

Yahoo click volume through bing ads

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