duckduckgo-1920-800x450Something new has arrived at DuckDuckGo!  The privacy search engine has launched a new Directions! feature that offers location results with the option to choose directions through a number of map services including Apple, Bing, Here, OpenStreetMap and Google Maps.

In the announcement, whatever map provider is selected during the first use will become the default provider for DuckDuckGo’s “Get Directions” button.

DuckDuckGo Directions Map Selection

The Directions! feature will work with mobile as well.  It’ll open the selected map app if it’s downloaded on a user’s device.



DuckDuckGo Directions

DuckDuckGo is still in the middle of fine-tuning the Directions! feature, but they’re planning to integrate the map provider setting so that it’s saved as part of a user’s DuckDuckGo preferences and add more map provider options.

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