Report: Apple Had 50% Of All Device Activations Over 2015 Holiday Season

Flurry, a mobile analytics, monetization, and advertising company, released their holiday mobile stats showing that Apple devices captured almost half of all device activations over the 2015 holiday season.  Following Apple is Samsung with approximately 20%, Nokia with 2% and LG with 1.7%.  The difference between Apple and the rest of the competitors is huge.

The percentage of activated devices for Apple has dropped 2.2 percentage points from 51.3% from last year.  Samsung rose 2.1% from 17.7% in 2014.  Even with the drop in Apple and the rise in Samsung, Apple is still the dominate force for mobile device gift.

Christmascharts three 766x600

The above chart shows the top five device activations by manufacturer.  The following chart shows the device distribution between full size tablets, small tablets, phablets, medium phones and small phones, all based on activations over the holidays:

Christmascharts one 766x600

Finally, we’ve got a third chart that gives us a break down between iOS and Android in 2015:

Christmascharts two 766x600

Another interesting bit of information, Flurry tracked a 2.2x as many app installs on Christmas Day 2015 as on an average day in December.  This figure is down a bit from last year, which came in around 2.5x on Christmas Day 2014.

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