In an announcement by Google, there has been a nationwide expansion of its Google Express relationship with Target.  Those users who are in the Continental US can now buy from Target through the Google Assistant and receive Google Express delivery.  The voice-commerce relationship extends to Google Home devices.

These features and capabilities are quite similar to those that was announced in August with Walmart.  Even though the deal isn’t completely operational, when it is, users will be able to:

  • order and reorder from Target with free shipping on orders exceeding $35.
  • opt in for personalized recommendations (as an existing Target customer) and a “quick re-order experience based on past Target purchases.”
  • shop on any device (including Android TV) where the Google Assistant is available.

In it’s battle with Amazon, Google and its Google Express  retail partners are fighting the competitor on multiple fronts.  For Google, they see voice-based shopping from an array of branded retailers as a point of differentiation vs Amazon.  At the same time, retailers have to make themselves accessible through virtual assistants and smart speakers  There’s an alignment of interests, which is creating an anti-Amazon alliance of sorts.

There was a recent ad campaign for Google Express which promotes the notion of “all your favorite stores in one place.”  Not only does this include Walmart and Target, but the service includes access to Kohl’s Joann, Sur la Table, Walgreens, Toys R Us, Staples and a number of others.

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