Twitter is rolling out a new video ad bidding option that lets advertisers run 15-second or shorter video ads, but only be charged if the ad is viewed for 6 seconds with pixels at 50% in-view.

Twitter called it a “Flexible option for advertisers who care about the completed view metric, but are ready to lean into the mobile-first paradigm and develop short-form assets optimized for in-feed viewing.”

This new video ad bidding system took a page from the 6-second bumper ads on YouTube, but offers more flexibility of running longer creatives, and should appeal to brands that are focused on substantive view rates.

“This six-second video ad solution, paired with compelling creative, increased our view rate by over 22%,” said Alice Oliveira, the CSB Brazil marketing director for Dell, who had early access to the video ad bid option.

According to an EyeSee study, short-form videos with the sound off that included clear branding delivered much better ad recall and message association on mobile compared to linear TV styled videos.

The new video ad bidding option is being rolled out globally, and is available for Promoted Video, In-stream Video Sponsorships and In-stream Videos Ads that include assets at 15-seconds or less in length.

SourceAmy Gesenhues